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Tools to assist in creating better software, both as library components and as standalone tools.

Package Summary
Array Array slicing tools to extract both horizontal and vertical slices of string arrays.
CGI CGI enhancements for input validation, page generation, and page sequencing (website navigation).
CGI/Application Support class for CGI::Application that handles tasks common to any website implemented with its framework.
CGI/PagePlugin Custom plugins for the CGI::PageSequencer form generation system.
CGI/PageValidator Components used by the CGI::PageValidator class.
CGI/PageValidator/MainLib Library for the CGI::PageValidator form validation system.
CGI/PageValidator/Plugin Custom plugins for the CGI::PageValidator form validation system.
CGI/PageValidator/PluginLib Libraries and data used by specific plugins.
Convert Conversion routines for html to text, and javascript to perl.
DBI Support class for DBI that adds a set of convenience methods for commonly accessed operations.
Data Facilities for extensible, configurable, on-the-fly diagnostics, settings, and data logging for standalone programs, CGI interaction, and client-level or server-level programs; also, data-related convenience routines.
File File-related convenience routines.
HTML Generators for HTML and XHTML code.
Log File logging support.
Net Network programming support, including data mining over the net.
Pod Creates a hierarchical, indexed website for a Perl library from POD comments.
Proc Provides routines for executing foreign code (Java).
Test Support for regression testing.
Time Simple functions for formatting and using times.
XML Support for XML manipulation.
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