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Components used by the CGI::PageValidator class.

CGI/PageValidator::* Summary
CheckItem Check validity of a single input item.
LibraryMgr Manages validation library.
Plugin Manages validation plugins.

The LibraryMgr module reads the system library (SysLib) followed by the user library (UserLib) files, and creates a dynamic structure of C objects.

The CheckItem module examines a single input value against the appropriate properties, performing a series of standard tests plus an optional customized test (via a plugin).

The Plugin module is an abstract class which provides a mechanism for attaching custom code beyond the standard tests, to perform arbitrary validation of an input value.

Also in this package are two library directories: MainLib (which contains the data library for performing validation) and PluginLib (which contains the data for any plugins which require them).

Since: CleanCode 0.9

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