CleanCode Perl Libraries
Name Version Released Description
addpod -- 2006.12.19 Add POD comments for each function in a module.
cgiAppBase -- 2011.10.31 Provides CGI::Application base implementation.
copydir -- 2008.05.26 Copy a directory recursively, preserving time stamps.
libFuncTest -- 2008.03.08 Run regression tests on a library.
libModTest -- 2006.12.19 Run command-line specified regression tests on a library.
list -- 2013.03.17 List a directory as a web page, textually or graphically.
page -- 2008.08.07 A sample interface to the CleanCode Web Page Generator Engine.
plumb -- 2006.12.19 Static Perl include file analyzer: plumb the depths of the included module hierarchy for specified Perl files.
pod2htmltree -- 2006.12.19 Creates a Perl documentation tree in HTML format.
printtime -- 2007.01.18 Date/time value formatter: converts a numerical date/time to a user-friendly format.
pscope -- 2006.12.19 Source code browser for Perl symbols.
renameGroup -- 2006.12.19 Rename a group of files and optionally normalize sequence numbers.
replace -- 2006.12.19 Modify multiple files, including recursive directory search.
slice -- 2011.10.31 Return a slice of one or more files specified by pattern and offset.
sqldoc2xml -- 2011.10.31 Separate doc-comments in an SQL file to a separate XML file.
validate -- 2008.08.07 A sample interface to the CleanCode Validation Engine.

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