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Library for the CGI::PageValidator form validation system.

CGI/PageValidator/MainLib::* Summary
SysLib System library for CGI::PageValidator.
UserLib User-modifiable library for CGI::PageValidator.

The PageValidator system is data driven and extensible through this library. Anything you wish to validate is defined within it. The details describing all available properties of a definition are provided in the description of the UserLib module.

The library is split into two components, SysLib and UserLib. The intent is that a system administrator can provide a default set of definitions in SysLib, restricting write access to that file. Then, the UserLib can be accessible to the application developers for updating (typically, adding new definitions needed for specific projects).

Definitions in SysLib are processed first and may be overridden by definitions of the same name in the UserLib. Like many things, this is both good and bad; it allows customization and flexibility, but it also allows corruption.

The library supports a standard set of properties for all definitions, as mentioned earlier. It is extensible using plugins (objects which subclass the CGI::PageValidator::Plugin class). This allows for arbitrarily complex code to perform a validation using values from one field or multiple fields. Plugins are described in the Plugin and CheckItem classes.

Since: CleanCode 0.9

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