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Generators for HTML and XHTML code.

HTML::* Summary
Generator java link Provides HTML formatting for output.
XGenerator Provides XHTML formatting for output.

The Generator module is the first in a series of output formatters which can be plugged into a program to generate appropriate output, separating form and function.

By itself, this module does overlap with the HTML output routines of the standard CGI module, but this module is less HTML-specific. You won't find a one-to-one correspondence of HTML tag names with method names. Instead of a tr method, there is a row method. Both create a row in a table, but the latter identifies the concept rather than the HTML implementation of it. Additional formatters, then, can provide the same application interface. The first such one is the XGenerator module, which subclasses Generator to create valid XHTML code with just a few overridden methods.

Since: CleanCode 0.9

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