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Custom plugins for the CGI::PageValidator form validation system.

CGI/PageValidator/Plugin::* Summary
CreditCardNum verifies a credit card number is valid for a given credit card type and has a valid checksum.
Date verifies a date consisting of day, month, and year components.
IsAmex sets the constraints for an American Express credit card type.
SamePassword verifies that two passwords match.

Each plugin is defined as a subclass of the abstract CGI::PageValidator::Plugin class (abstract in that the class should not be instantiated directly). Directions for creating a new plugin and connecting it to the validation library are available in the Plugin module description.

While each plugin in this package offers a "Synopsis" section, each does so with a caveat to see the "Note on Plugins" in the CheckItem class, where plugins are actually invoked. The synopses are presented merely to show what arguments would be passed from the CheckItem invocation.

Probably of more interest in each plugin description is the Known Plugin Attachments section, which specifies where the plugin is connected in the validation library, along with its dependencies.

Since: CleanCode 0.9

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