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Facilities for extensible, configurable, on-the-fly diagnostics, settings, and data logging for standalone programs, CGI interaction, and client-level or server-level programs; also, data-related convenience routines.

Data::* Summary
Diagnostic java link Provides configurable diagnostic logging of several message types to several output channels.
DumperAbbrev Data dumper for tables and simple values.
Handy Provides assorted data manipulation functions.
InputOptions java link Manages a collection of data inputs and configuration properties.
ParamMap java link Manages a collection of parameters and their associated tooltips.

Features of this Package

With this package, you can:

Where to Go

The Diagnostic class provides detailed instructions for instrumenting your code to use diagnostics. The InputOptions class describes how to use a configuration file to adjust default parameters.

Multi-Lingual Library Initiative

This package supports the Multi-Lingual Library initiative, an endeavor which provides the same code libraries for different environments. My current languages of interest are Java, Perl, and JavaScript, so the same code could run on a client or a server; on Windows or Unix; in an applet, a CGI script, or a standalone program. See: Multi-Lingual Library for further details.

Maintainability Initiative

This package supports the Maintainability initiative, an endeavor which proscribes that designing test cases, flexible diagnostic controls, and testable code is an integral part of code design. See: Maintainability for further details.

Since: CleanCode 0.9

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