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Conversion routines for html to text, and javascript to perl.

Convert::* Summary
SimpleHtml2Text Converts an HTML document to text.
SimpleJs2Perl Converts JavaScript into Perl.

SimpleJs2Perl is a Javascript-to-Perl converter, a handy utility for developing libraries for both client and server applications. It was created when developing my validation library, which provides input validation of form data on both client and server (to achieve the conflicting objectives of speed and security). I wrote my library in JavaScript and use it verbatim in JavaScript applications. Then my Perl application needing the library performs an on-the-fly conversion, thus maintaining the library in one place only.

SimpleHtml2Text converts Html to plain text, stripping out all Html elements. It is a very simple filter, though it does attempt to leave a few relevant line breaks in the text.

Since: CleanCode 0.9

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