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Incident Report: Turbo Tax

Category:softwareDate of Incident:2002.04.01
Product:Turbo TaxVersion:01-38 (2001)


Product fills out federal income tax forms.


After working on my 2001 return, I was interested in checking a figure in a prior year. One would expect that since the Open File dialog box displays prior year files that it could open them, or at least complain about them if it could not.

Well it did complain, but not in any language I'm familiar with:

TurboTax error box

Scenario problems:

In a Nutshell:

Overall a fine product, top of its class for years. A good implementation of hyperlinked tax forms, though I still occasionally encounter places where it could do a better job showing me where a number came from. (On one recent instance, even calling technical support could not shed light on where it came from; I happened upon the source for that particular data hours later while searching for something else...)

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