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Incident Report: Wall Street Journal

Category:web pageDate of Incident:2003.08.19
Company:Wall Street JournalHome Page:
Section:Front PageURL:
OS:Win XPBrowser:IE6


The Wall Street Journal has been arguably the leading financial journal in the last hundred years or so, due to the quality of their stories as well as the quality of their publishing.


I "opened" the Wall Street Journal, online edition, one morning. The first word of the first story on the first page above the fold tells a different story then had been intended.

unproofed newspaper story

Scenario problems:


In a Nutshell:

As discussed repeatedly on this website, the more prominent something is, the more attention should be focused to getting it right. Here we have the lead story, with one of three highlighted words being incorrect. (The typographic error was corrected within a couple hours.)

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