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Incident Report: Toshiba

Category:web pageDate of Incident:2003.10.03
Company:ToshibaHome Page:
OS:Win XPBrowser:IE6


Toshiba is one of several popular manufacturers of notebook computers, and they of course have various support and shopping options on the web.


After I acquired a new Toshiba notebook recently, I went to one of their built-in bookmarks for shopping to see what promotions they might be offering. From this web page...

toshiba shopping site

I attempted to go through to the next page and ran into this error...

toshiba broken page

(Suffice to say, that clicking continue did not help; it simply transited back to the main page.)

Scenario problems:

What does that error message mean? Why is it being told to me, the user? What is the problem that actually happened?

In a Nutshell:

With network programming (i.e. for the web as opposed to an old-style standalone program), there is a larger pool of potential--and likely--error scenarios, such as the one above. But handling errors has always been one of the areas with the least amount of resources dedicated to both its programming and its testing. Certainly the error message shown means something to someone, but certainly not to me, nor most likely to any other customer likely to use that web site.

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