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Incident Report: Zip Disk

Category:hardwareDate of Incident:2002.01.15
Product:Zip DriveVersion:100MB USB


Iomega manufactures portable storage devices which connect to PCs and Macintoshs.


I am a regular PC user exclusively. A couple years back, I was a regular Mac user, and my Mac had a dual personality of a PC as well (very spiffy). Prior to that I used Macs exclusively. Prior to that PCs. Well, you get the idea. Circumstances change; computers change. So I sat down at my PC, popped in one of my archived Mac zip disks, and was prompted with "No data; format?" Oddly enough, if I dig through some menus and look at properties of the disk, it does show (properly) that is is a Mac-formatted disk.

Scenario problems:

In a Nutshell:

A good product; it's been around long enough to prove its usefulness and staying power.

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