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Incident Report: Foliofn Context

Category:web pageDate of Incident:2003.12.22
Company:FoliofnHome Page:
OS:Win XPBrowser:IE6


Foliofn is a remarkable online brokerage with perhaps the lowest cost per trade due to their stock basket concept.

lack of context for confirmation

Foliofn is a high-quality brokerage firm, exclusively online. Like any good processor of financial transactions, they do provide a confirmation screen when you perform any transaction. For placing a securities trade, they provide a preview of the order that completely itemizes your "buy" and "sell" items. For all other transactions, however, be it updating one's profile or updating an order limit in a trade, the confirmation is... less than enlightening, as shown in the illustration.

Scenario problems:

The issue is trust. How much do you trust their software? Are they, in fact, confirming the change you requested on the previous screen? Since there's on indication of that on this screen, one must take it on faith.

In a Nutshell:

The user interface could be substantially improved by adding just a hint of continuity.

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