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Incident Report: Floppy Boot

Category:softwareDate of Incident:2002.03.08
Product:Windows 98Version:SE 4.10.2222A and others




Booted up my PC, the lights blinked and whirred a bit, and then, on a totally empty screen, this text appeared:

NTLDR is missing
Press any key to restart

Attempting to reboot again produced identical results. Scratching my head a bit, and considering that this appeared very early in the boot process, I proceeded to check the cables, empty the CD and floppy drives, check that power was connected, and tried once more. Lo and behold, it booted normally.

Searching for enlightenment on this error message led me to

Often a user will see the message "NTLDR is Missing" after attempting to install Windows 2000 or Windows XP, or upgrade a Windows 95-based or Windows 98-based computer to Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The message appears after the first reboot. This occurs only if Windows 95 or 98 has been installed on a drive with the FAT32 file system.

But at no point did I upgrade, change, fold, spindle or mutilate my operating system. All I did... was leave a floppy disk in my drive.

Scenario problems:

In a Nutshell:

A good OS for a personal PC, I would have given a higher grade if it did not crash so often.

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