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Incident Report: Borders

Category:websiteDate of Incident:2003.11.15
Company:Borders GroupHome Page:
Section:About UsURL:http://TBD
OS:Win XPBrowser:IE6


Borders Group is well-known for the many Borders and Waldenbooks stores around the U.S.


Casually visiting the Borders web site on my home computer, with my browser window set to its maximum, full-screen size, I observed the picture shown below. The company logo, though visible if one scrolls, is chopped off on my screen.

browser with cut-off text

Scenario problems:

It is very easy to publish material on the web. Anyone with a simple text editor can make a web page. Designing a usable web page, however, is another story. That is, one must consider different browser versions, operating systems, processor speeds, network speeds, computer hardware, and, in this case, screen resolution. The system I was using had a screen size of 800 by 600. Obviously the site designers never checked that particular resolution, as I'm sure they don't want their company logo chopped in half.

In a Nutshell:

While not publishers, of course, Borders is intimately involved with publishing. It is ironic, then, that they do not check their own publishing more thoroughly.

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