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Incident Report: AudibleManager

Category:softwareDate of Incident:2002.02.11


Product downloads (among other things) audio versions of the Wall Street Journal.


Pressed "All Issues" button to start downloading current issue, then previous issue, ad infinitum, until (I presumed) I told it to stop. Downloaded latest week's issues, then I wished to stop.

All Issues button shown

Attempt 1: I pressed the "Cancel" button on the sixth file. That canceled the sixth, but then it began downloading the seventh.

Cancel button shown

Attempt 2: Seeing no global "Cancel" button, I terminated the program, then restarted it, figuring that would cancel the series... but the downloading resumed immediately.

Attempt 3: Looking around, there was a window for "Download Schedule". Opening that I see some 50 or 60 files queued for downloading. I attempted to select all in order to then delete them... but I could only select one at a time. Seeing no other avenue, I selected then deleted each one. Just as I finished the last and took a breath... the Sorceror's Apprentice returned! Magically, all the files reappeared in the download schedule!!

Attempt 4: Inspecting the program's files, there was no obvious queued-commands file, but there was a download log file. Peering in, the sequence of dates seemed to be those of the scheduled downloads rather than a historical log, so I removed the file. ...and that, dear readers, terminated the unstoppable downloads.

Scenario problems:

In a Nutshell:

Useful and easy to use once you know how; a bit confusing getting started. Lower grade due to above problems and lack of promptness for tech support.

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