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A good starting point for CleanCode, including the home page, the motivation (involving Heinz ketchup!), and the philosophy of the site, plus the colophon, providing quite a bit of behind-the-scenes information, including full page diagrams of how to set up a website on SourceForge, and how all the web pages on CleanCode are generated.


A gallery of examples, from soup to nuts, that provide valuable sources to learn what not to do.


A set of coding guidelines and web guidelines for creating clean code. Learn about, for example, the subtleties of the five types of global variables, or how to validate your web page with one click.


Jump to the product descriptions for the "official" products, or browse the library APIs for c#, perl and java to find lots of other gems in the rough, then download what you like here. (The JavaScript libraries are available for download, but have not yet been documented.)


A variety of support options are available: submit a bug report or a feature request, subscribe to the mailing lists or join a discussion forum. The main support page is here.


For developers, the project home page on Sourceforge is a good starting point, as well as the forums mentioned above.


To learn about me, see my published works and patent as well as my Brainbench certifications. I also include a list of my favorite applications that I heartily recommend.

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