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About Michael Sorens

Simple-Talk author Wrote 75+ articles and numerous wallcharts exploring topics (TDD, code reviews, source control, documentation, debugging, code smells, visualization, testing) and technologies (C#, PowerShell, .NET, LINQ, JavaScript, AngularJS, XML, WPF, WinForms, database, Sandcastle, Fitnesse, Selenium). Engaging readers since 2009.
"Your original fabulous article was a great resource to us when we first started thinking about [implementing LINQ debugging] initially" -- omer, 2016
"Outstanding. The story is fun but the real key is the relations to familiar things and the simplicity of the explanation. The wall chart is definitetly the bees knees." -- jeff, 2011
"Probably the clearest and most concise article I have read on the nuances of Power Shell scripts." -- mike, 2011
"Amazing WallChart--Lots of valuable information densely packaged and visually clear!" -- jrooney, 2011
my profile on Stack Exchange Over 200 answers on StackOverflow. Some of my more interesting answers include: file masks in .NET (evolving my answer over time into a polished, open-source library module), rounding a .NET TimeSpan (pointing out that not only was the previously accepted answer incorrect but the question was also!), Selenium CSS selectors, PowerShell functions, and PowerShell executing path. Member since 2009.
Friend of Red Gate A designation bestowed by invitation only, akin to Microsoft's MVP designation. Member since 2011.
GitHub project owner
SourceForge project owner Project owner and developer of CleanCode, a collection of general-purpose libraries for developers using C#, PowerShell, Java, T-SQL, Perl, or JavaScript--see my API bookshelf, major component highlights, and cross-language map. First released in 2001.
DevX author Wrote 20 articles covering LINQ, T-SQL, documentation generation, XML transformation, XML validation, ant, .NET user controls, diagnostics, WinForms. Sharing insights since 2007.
"Awesome article! Helped me with a huge development problem." -- Andreas, 2010
"Wonderful syntax highlighter! Excellent article." -- jtemple, 2010
book author
my early web site My early website where I have dabbled in web design and started my open source work. Always passionate about documenting and diagramming, I have multiple visualizations of my web site build process here, my publication list, my wallchart gallery, and my website colophon illustrating how I created my website and how the build process works. First produced in 2001.
US Patent 6,317,848 Authored patent 6,317,848: System for tracking and automatically communicating printer failures and usage profile aspects. Issued in 2001.
University of Phoenix, Edmonds Community College, Spokane Community College Passionate about sharing what I know, I have taught at University of Phoenix, Edmonds Community College, and Spokane Community College, as well as presented numerous seminars to peers at my workplace. Most recently, taught (with 2 colleagues) multi-day seminar on TDD.
my alma mater Earned a BS and MS in computer science and engineering. GPA 4.0 out of 4.0; full academic scholarship; National Merit scholarship; Shurter Prize for outstanding leadership; Bliss Prize for highest academic record.
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