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Incident Report: Sonoco

Category:websiteDate of Incident:2003.11.28
Company:SonocoHome Page:
OS:Win XPBrowser:IE5


Sonoco is working towards becoming the low-cost leader in packaging solutions. (The name Sonoco, by the way, evolved from Southern Novelty Company, founded in 1899!)

out-of-date information

Putting information out there on a web site is deceptively simple. but keeping information from getting out of date is difficult.

Scenario problems:

The web page is discussing the financial document Form 10K. A new version is published every year, usually dated December 31st and available a couple months after that. So this note is referring to the 2000 10K. But notice the current date on the web page--nearing the close of 2003. So this web page (containing only a small amount of information on it to begin with) is more than two years out of date. (Note that by the time I revisited the website to get a URL for this description--less than two weeks later--the page had been substantially updated.)

In a Nutshell:

Website publishing, unlike book publishing, must not be a one-time operation.

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