RoundedTimeSpan StructureCleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Use this struct to generate rounded TimeSpan values.

Namespace: CleanCode.Data
Assembly: CleanCode (in CleanCode.dll) Version: (1.2.03)

public struct RoundedTimeSpan

The standard TimeSpan struct renders like this:
Console.WriteLine(new TimeSpan(19365678)) => 00:00:01.9365678
A RoundedTimeSpan struct, on the other hand, lets you adjust the precision:
Console.WriteLine(new RoundedTimeSpan(19365678, 5)) => 00:00:01.93657
Console.WriteLine(new RoundedTimeSpan(19365678, 3)) => 00:00:01.937
Those values implicitly come from the default ToString  method. There is an additional convenience method to generate a string with displayed digits different than the precision:
Console.WriteLine(new RoundedTimeSpan(19365678, 3).ToString(5)) => 00:00:01.93700
Be aware, however, that if the precision in your constructor is greater than the length specified to display, then ToString(Int32) effectively is truncating rather than rounding.

Since CleanCode 0.9.31.

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