CleanCode.Data NamespaceCleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Support for data operations, covering useful database operations as well as debugging and persistence.

Public classAttributeDictionary
Implements a specialized Dictionary to handle an attribute list.
Public classBulletedStringCollection
Provides a list of strings with bullets automatically appended at the front, except for lines beginning with ExceptionTokens.
Public classDBHelper
Helper methods for database interaction.
Public classListExtensions
Extension methods for lists.
Public classMultiColumnSort
Manipulates the DataTable of a DataGridView based on a query text to provide a multi-column sort.
Public classNestedStringDictionary
A simple container for a Dictionary whose keys are OnlineStrings and values are sub-dictionaries.
Public classOdbcDsnInfo
Provides a list of ODBC Data Source Names from the registry.
Public classSqlErrorCleaner
Trims SQL error messages from extremely wordy phrases down to the key elements.
Public classSqlFilterBuilder
Methods to build a SQL clause for use as a filter expression for BindingSource components.
Public classStringHelper
Assorted string methods.
Public classTableVet
Provides simple support for vetting one or more database tables (SQL Server only).
Public classUtility
Assorted utility methods.

Public structureRoundedTimeSpan
Use this struct to generate rounded TimeSpan values.