SqlEditor Successful Property CleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Gets a value indicating whether the last executed query was successful.

Namespace: CleanCode.SqlEditorControls
Assembly: CleanCode.SqlEditorControls (in CleanCode.SqlEditorControls.dll) Version: (1.2.03)

public bool Successful { get; private set; }

Field Value

true if successful; otherwise, false.

This property will be false whenever a result set cannot be returned including, but not limited to: a query file cannot be found, a query has a syntax error, a query specifies an invalid field, etc. Visually you can determine whether this property is true or false by the presence of column headers in the result pane. That is, a query may still be successful even when it returns no data, but when no rows are returned the result pane >will still show column headers.
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