CleanCode.SqlEditorControls NamespaceCleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
A custom user control providing a SQL editor pane, containing a custom RichTextBox for input and a custom DataGridView for output.

Public classQuerySelectorForm
A simple OnlineForm wrapper around a QueryPicker.
Public classSqlEditor
A practical SQL edit window and output result grid in one control.

Public structureButtonStateData
Data passed in events tied to button state changes.
Public structureFilenameChangedData
Data passed in a FilenameChanged event.
Public structureStatusData
Data passed in events needing an operation status.

Public delegateExecuteButtonStateChangedEventHandler
Delegate for ExecuteButtonStateChanged event.
Public delegateExecuteQueryEventHandler
Delegate for ExecuteQueryStart or ExecuteQueryFinish event.
Public delegateFilenameChangedEventHandler
Delegate for FilenameChanged event.
Public delegateRestoreButtonStateChangedEventHandler
Delegate for RestoreButtonStateChanged event.
Public delegateSaveButtonStateChangedEventHandler
Delegate for SaveButtonStateChanged event.
Public delegateSaveGridButtonStateChangedEventHandler
Delegate for SaveGridButtonStateChanged event.
Public delegateSortedEventHandler
Delegate for Sorted event.