SqlEditor RowLimitForBinaryFieldPatching Property CleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Gets or sets the row limit for binary field patching.

Namespace: CleanCode.SqlEditorControls
Assembly: CleanCode.SqlEditorControls (in CleanCode.SqlEditorControls.dll) Version: (1.2.03)

public int RowLimitForBinaryFieldPatching { get; set; }

Field Value

The row limit for binary field patching. Default is 50,000.

The standard DataGridView control throws an exception if your query returns any binary field values (e.g. a timestamp column). (See my exposition of this issue in Online Overcoming .NET problem of displaying binary columns in a DataGridView.) If you examine the Columns collection of the DataGridView you will find that it sets the column type to OnlineDataGridViewImageColumn. Why? Because, according to Microsoft, .NET assumes that binary columns are images. Indeed, Microsoft affirms that this behavior is by design! (See Onlinethis defect report on Microsoft Connect for more.) SqlEditor automatically converts such problematic binary columns to text columns with hex data. To ensure that your application does not take a significant performance hit, however, this property lets you limit this dynamic patching for large result sets.
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