UpdateCheck RemindNewerVersion Method CleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Reminds the user of a newer version if available and within the checking frequency.

Namespace: CleanCode.IO
Assembly: CleanCode (in CleanCode.dll) Version: (1.2.03)

public bool RemindNewerVersion(
	int days,
	DateTime lastChecked


Type: OnlineSystem Int32
The frequency to check, in days. Zero indicates to always check.
Type: OnlineSystem DateTime
The last checked date.

Return Value

boolean indicating whether reminder was done or not.

Similar to GetNewerVersion(Int32, DateTime), this checks for the presence of a newer releasing, prompting the user if one is available. If you provide an associated change log file, the contents of that file will also be displayed in the user notification, rather than just stating generically that version x.x is available. The file is recognized by the extension txt with the same base name as the executable. So if your application was, for example, myapp-1-0-0-1.exe then the change log must be named myapp-1-0-0-1.txt. If you are using directories (e.g. myapp-1-0-0-1) the change log name and location will be exactly the same (e.g. myapp-1-0-0-1.txt) and adjacent to--not contained within--the myapp-1-0-0-1 directory.

Here is an example detailing the use of this method:
UpdateCheck updateCheck = new UpdateCheck(
    Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(), REPOSITORY, PROG_PATTERN);
DateTime lastUpdateCheck = Properties.Settings.Default.UpdateChecked;
if (updateCheck.RemindNewerVersion(
    Properties.Settings.Default.UpdateChecked = DateTime.Now.Date;
This sample illustrates a use case where the calling program wishes to notify the user every 2 days, rather than every time the application is launched. The last time checked is stored in a user's persistent settings.
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