CleanCode.IO NamespaceCleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Support for file comparisons, checking on application updates, usage tracking, and assembly identification.

Public classDateComparerAscending
An OnlineIComparer for sorting files by ascending date.
Public classDateComparerDescending
An OnlineIComparer for sorting files by descending date.
Public classExecProcess
Invokes an arbitrary program and returns the results.
Public classFileNavigator
Enhances a OnlineComboBox containing a file path with functionality to move to the following or preceding file in the same directory.
Public classInstalledAssemblies
Returns versions of loaded assemblies.
Public classNameComparer
An OnlineIComparer for sorting files by name.
Public classResourceMgr
Provides support for the IResourceUser interface as well as providing access to an application-specific subfolder of the system-defined OnlineApplicationData folder path.
Public classUpdateCheck
Checks for a newer version of an application from a shared directory.
Public classUsageTracker
Utility for recording first use of each user at each version.
Public classVersionComparer
Compares two version strings numerically.

Public interfaceIResourceUser
Implementers of this interface use embedded file resources that are externalized at first use. This interface provides a callback to remove the externalized versions so they may be refreshed (typically when a new version is detected).