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The Utility type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberArrayToDictionary T 
Converts a two-dimensional array to a dictionary. The first element of each row is used as the key and the second element is the associated value. Any remaining elements in the row are ignored.
Public methodStatic memberCleanString
Cleans a string with a set of cleaning rules.
Public methodStatic memberFindComboBoxItem
Finds the specified combo box item.
Public methodStatic memberGetNextListValue T 
Gets the next value in a list.
Public methodStatic memberMatchesToArray
Converts a set of groups from a regular expression match (a OnlineGroupCollection) to a string OnlineArray.
Public methodStatic memberMMSStoSeconds
Converts canonical MM:SS to seconds.
Public methodStatic memberSecondsToMMSS
Converts seconds to canonical MM:SS format.
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