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Guideline RP5: Condense code for clarity

Take advantage of the constructs of the language within which you are working. The ternary "?" operator--available in C, Java, JavaScript, Perl, and others--is great for avoiding duplicate code. See the example below.

EXAMPLEJava, JavaScript
Instead of:
	if (cond) stuff = "foo" + obj.meth(a)
	else stuff = "bar" + obj.meth(a)
	stuff = (cond ? "foo" : "bar") + obj.meth(a)
Instead of:
	if ($cond) { $stuff = "foo" . $obj->meth($a) }
	else { $stuff = "bar" . $obj->meth($a) }
	$stuff = ($cond ? "foo" : "bar") . $obj->meth($a)
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