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Tools for creating and populating SQL Server tables with PowerShell data.

This module provides cmdlets for writing data to SQL Server databases. Out-DataTable, Add-SqlTable, and Write-DataTable (adapted from Chad Miller's original code) provide the foundation. Those three functions in sequence allow you to send Powershell data into a SQL Server table. Out-SqlTable is a wrapper that combines the three for convenience.

Building upon Invoke-Sqlcmd's notion of default context, Invoke-InferredSqlcmd extends it to work even if you are on a non-SQL Server drive. Get-DBPathInfo and Update-DBEnvironment are used by the other cmdlets on this page to identify this default context and are exposed here for your use as well.

Add-SqlTable Creates a SQL Server table from a DataTable.
Get-DBPathInfo Infer values for server and database from SQLSERVER: drive.
Invoke-InferredSqlcmd Executes Invoke-Sqlcmd while attempting to supply a default context.
Out-DataTable Creates a DataTable for an object.
Out-SqlTable Creates a SQL Server table from Powershell objects.
Update-DBEnvironment Infer values for server and database into reference variables.
Write-DataTable Writes data to a SQL Server table.

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