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File-handling convenience functions, notably an enhanced version of Get-ChildItem.

Get-EnhancedChildItem builds upon the powerful and flexible builtin Get-ChildItem cmdlet by providing some additional effort-saving options to prune entire sub-trees, to filter on directories or non-directories, or to filter to Subversion-aware files only. Also includes several USB convenience functions, Get-IniFile to load an INI file, and New-FileTree for generating file trees for testing purposes.

ConvertFrom-Text Imports a text file using regular expressions.
Get-EnhancedChildItem A variation of Get-ChildItem notably providing the ability to prune trees, isolate Subversion-aware items, and flatten the output for brevity.
Get-IniFile Gets a Windows INI file as a hash table.
Get-UsbDriveCapacity Obtain capacities of USB drives.
Get-UsbDriveInfo Convenience function for obtaining USB drive information.
Get-UsbDriveLetter Obtain drive letters of USB drives.
New-FileTree Generates a file tree skeleton (i.e. real directories and files, but the files are empty) from a list of paths.
Select-StringAligned Finds text in strings and files and makes the output aligned rather than ragged based on file name lengths.

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