Package com.cleancode.swing

This package supplements Sun's javax.swing classes.


Interface Summary
JTableCellChecker Provides a mechanism to separate editability of a cell from the table model.

Class Summary
JComboBoxMgr Manages a JComboBox using a most-recently-used model.
JLookAndFeel Sets the user interface to a particular look-and-feel.
JMenuBarMgr Manages a JMenuBar, providing convenient tools for building menus.
JMenuItemSpec A specification for a JMenuItem used as a component of a JMenuSpec.
JMenuSpec A specification for a JMenuSpec used as a component of a JMenuBarMgr.
JTabbedPaneMgr Manages a JTabbedPane component.
JTableMgr Creates a JTable with a custom table model, designed for displaying property data.
SimpleTable Provides a table model based on AbstractTableModel, typically used with a JTable component.

Package com.cleancode.swing Description

This package supplements Sun's javax.swing classes.

While the Swing classes are amazingly handy for building applications, there is room for adding some automation. My Swing classes build upon the similarly named Sun Swing classes, to wit:

There are a few auxiliary classes as well: JMenuItemSpec and JMenuSpec are used in automating menu construction by JMenuBarMgr. JTableCellChecker and SimpleTable are used in automating table construction by JTableMgr. And finally, JLookAndFeel provides a simple shorthand for setting look-and-feel.


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