Class REConverter

  extended by com.cleancode.format.REConverter

public class REConverter
extends Object

Converts a text file using a series of regular expressions replacements. This class implements a completely generic text processing engine. You provide a set of regular-expression based rules, then invoke convert to run the engine. The simplest example is:

 static final REPiece[] PATTERNS = { ... };
 String outputText = (new REConverter(PATTERNS)).convert(inputText);
The devil is in the details, of course. That is, you need to define a set of regular expression rules in the PATTERNS variable. Here is the beginning of a set of rules to strip HTML markup from web text:
 static final REPiece[] PATTERNS = {
          new REPiece("italic",
            "<I>(.*?)</I>", "*$1*", Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE),
          new REPiece("rules",
            "<HR>", NL+"====================="+NL, Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE),
          new REPiece("non-breaking spaces",
            " ", " "),
          new REPiece("all other tags",
            "<[^>]*>", "", Pattern.DOTALL),

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Nested Class Summary
static class REConverter.REPiece
          A container class for holding regular expression objects to run against the input.
Field Summary
static String VERSION
          Current version of this class.
Constructor Summary
REConverter(REConverter.REPiece[] patterns)
          Construct a REConverter object.
Method Summary
 String convert(String content)
          Convert the specified input based on the specified rule set.
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Field Detail


public static final String VERSION
Current version of this class.

Constructor Detail


public REConverter(REConverter.REPiece[] patterns)
Construct a REConverter object.

patterns - Array of regular expression specifications to process.
Method Detail


public String convert(String content)
Convert the specified input based on the specified rule set.

content - a String containing the input
a String containing the converted input

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