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Packages that use ParamMap This package provides facilities for extensible, configurable, on-the-fly diagnostics, settings, and data logging for standalone programs, CGI interaction, and client-level or server-level programs. 
com.cleancode.xml This package provides a full-featured XML pre-processor along with several generic XML convenience classes. 

Uses of ParamMap in

Fields in declared as ParamMap
static ParamMap Diagnostic.paramMap
          The diagnostic parameters for the Diagnostic class itself.

Methods in with parameters of type ParamMap
 void ParamMap.putAll(ParamMap newMap)
          Merges the new map with the current map.

Constructors in with parameters of type ParamMap
InputOptions(String[] cmdLineData, String[] configData, String[] requiredFields, ParamMap paramMap)
          Initializes the InputOptions property list from the specified configuration data with any command-line overrides.

Uses of ParamMap in com.cleancode.xml

Fields in com.cleancode.xml declared as ParamMap
static ParamMap XmlTransform.paramMap
          Parameter map for this class.

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