Class Diagnostic.Test

  extended by
Enclosing class:

public static class Diagnostic.Test
extends Object

A standalone test class to exercise the Diagnostic class.

You can work with the Diagnostic class in isolation to get a feel for what it does, using the inner class Diagnostic.Test. Invoke the class as a main program.

The argument choices are:

 main(?LIST) -- displays recommended test sequence
 main(name-test)  -- displays only diagnostics for Diagnostic::Test class
 main(name-diag)  -- displays only diagnostics for Diagnostic class
 main(name-two-classes)  -- displays Diagnostic and Test class diagnostics
 main(name-mult-first)  -- multiple diagnostics in one class; init called first
 main(name-mult-last)  -- multiple diagnostics in one class; init called last
 main(exceptions) -- displays just warnings and errors
 main(no-warnings) -- displays just errors, no warnings
 main(no-errors-with-cmd) -- suppresses errors/warnings, uses cmdline & config
 main(no-cmdline) -- suppress cmdline diags from config file
 main(all) -- displays diagnostics for all classes
 main(version) -- displays version diagnostics for all classes
 main(dup) -- duplicate diagnostic created
 main(this) -- displays diagnostics for this class using InputOptions
 main(no-init) -- no initialization; so displays warnings/errors upon exit
 main(auto-init) -- auto-init; many-message triggers output of warnings/errors
 main(auto-init-adjusted) -- auto-init due to pending limit adjusted
 main(extra-init) -- auto-init followed by manual init--oops!
 main(variant) -- use diag before initializing
 main(mult-default) -- multiple diags, showing just default one
 main(mult-extra) -- multiple diags, showing just extra one
 main(mult-both) -- multiple diags, showing both
 main(mult-abbr) -- multiple diag variants for one class
 main("a=x","b=y",...) -- uses the specified command-line settings
    -- reads config file, and overrides with the command-line settings
(Note that if you use a configuration file, to actually see any output you must at least turn on the bit for STDERR with OUTPUT_DIAG=2.)

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
          Main program for this standalone test class.
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Constructor Detail


public Diagnostic.Test()
Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
                 throws IOException
Main program for this standalone test class.

args - config file name, properties, or test cases, as specified in the introduction.
IOException - if any problems reading the file.

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