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CleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API

The CleanCode C# libraries include user controls, engines, and APIs to assist in creating better software. Some of the myriad assortment of classes are support classes while many would be of direct interest to you, the developer. Most of these "front-end" classes are highlighted below. For a "big picture" view, though, start with the Product Roadmap which includes illustrations and discusses tools not just for C# but for several other languages. Also, click on the "spaghetti" diagram below to see an enlarged view detailing the relationships between all the CleanCode C# libraries.

WinForm User Controls:

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Other WinForm Visual Classes:

WinForm Help and Tip Providers:

Other Useful Utility Classes:

Also, don't miss the PowerShell, Java, SQL, JavaScript, and Perl libraries and tools.

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