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Provides a standardized method for displaying details about added diagnostic functionality when enabling a ContainerTest property.
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OnlineSystem Object
  CleanCode.GeneralComponents.Support ContainerTestInfo

Namespace: CleanCode.GeneralComponents.Support
Assembly: CleanCode.GeneralComponents (in CleanCode.GeneralComponents.dll) Version: (1.2.03)

public static class ContainerTestInfo

By (my) convention, most CleanCode controls are instrumented with a boolean ContainerTest property designed to be used within the UserControl Test Container of Visual Studio. The Test Container is a runtime vehicle accessed by setting your controls library to be the startup project of your solution and then simply launching it. Visual Studio opens a form where you may select any of your user controls. The selected control is rendered along with a standard property grid of the control's properties. When ContainerTest is manually set to true via the property grid, this signals the parent control to expose additional functionality that allows the control to be tested in isolation, without having to embed it in an application.

You may set an alternate bullet character if the default is not satisfactory (a filled small circle). Any lines beginning with one of these characters (space, =, -, +, _, #, ~, /, \) will be displayed without a prefixed bullet. This allows you to, for example, insert a divider line, a section break, or a multi-line bullet. Here is an example. With the bullet set to ">>" and input like this:

"=== Section 1",
"Item 1",
"Item 2",
"Item 3 - longer text extending",
"    across multiple lines"
=== Section 1
>> Item 1
>> Item 2
>> Item 3 - longer text extending
    across multiple lines
the output will be this:

Since CleanCode 0.9.25.

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