CsvWriter FieldNamesLowercase Property CleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Gets or sets a value indicating whether field names should be converted to lowercase for the header row.

Namespace: CleanCode.CsvProcessing
Assembly: CleanCode.CsvProcessing (in CleanCode.CsvProcessing.dll) Version: (1.2.03)

public bool FieldNamesLowercase { get; set; }

Field Value

true to force lowercase; otherwise, false.

CSV files are generated with a header row where each field contains the name and datatype of the column of the underlying OnlineDataTable in the format name:type. There seems to be a quirk in Excel 2000 (but not in Excel 2003) that prevents it from reading a CSV file if the name is all uppercase. One may use this property to compensate for that. The default is false.
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