CmdRunnerWorker SetCmd Method CleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Sets the command to execute.

Namespace: CleanCode.RemoteCommands
Assembly: CleanCode.RemoteCommands (in CleanCode.RemoteCommands.dll) Version: (1.2.03)

public void SetCmd(
	string cmd,
	string filterRE,
	string outputFormat

Along with the command string itself, you specify a regular expression to use to filter the output into chunks, and a format specifier that references those chunks. For example, the df command returns output like this:
Filesystem   1k-blocks  Used    Available  Use%  Mounted on
/dev/hda1    60604      33022   24453      58%   /
    "{0} ({1})");
If you are interested in the capacity and the percentage used, this regular expression will select the 60604 and the 58% above. To output that as "60604 (58%)" you need a format specifier of: So putting these together the call would be:
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