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Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.
Winston Churchill

Welcome to CleanCode -- a website for developers who want to create good software. Clean code is well-designed, well-written software. Clean code communicates well to the external customer and the internal customer; that is, to users who wish to accomplish a task with it, and to developers who wish to develop, maintain, revise, enhance or just plain understand it. This site is here to convey experiences learned--to empower you to help others learn--and to provide a plethora of free libraries in several languages.

Why am I here?

Are you frequently annoyed by poor quality software? Are you like other innocents, who visit websites to answer a very specific question and are continually frustrated by the website's seemingly malevolent intent to keep the answer from you? Why is it seemingly so hard to create good software? What about elevators...? Heinz ketchup...? Read more here...

Gallery of (Falling) Stars

See shining (not-so-shining?) examples of getting it wrong. Read more here...


Corporate math: [ good software == saved $$ money ]. Read more here...

Free Tools, GUI Controls, and Libraries

Here you will find both code libraries as well as standalone tools in PowerShell, C#, Java, Perl, SQL and JavaScript, all open-source material. Read more here...

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