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Target sql.doc



create CleanCode SQL API web pages from XML doc files

	depends="init, sql.doc.xml, sql.checkLicense, sql.checkApiPath"
	description="create CleanCode SQL API web pages from XML doc files"
	<-- Outputs to diagnostics.log and errors.log -->

		<-- switches indicate what to process -->

		<arg value="--generateContents=true"/>

		<arg value="--xslTransform=true"/>

		<arg value="--validateInputToSchema=false"/>

		<arg value="--validateOutputToSchema=false"/>
		<-- root of source xml tree -->

		<arg value="--sourcePath=${sqlsrc}/doc-tmp"/>
		<-- root of target html tree -->

		<arg value="--targetPath=${mirror.api}/sql"/>

		<arg value="--inExtension=xml"/>

		<arg value="--outExtension=html"/>
		<-- Comma-separated list of directories in source tree to process.
			Omit if processing everything (e.g. ".")
		<arg value="- -dirList=."/>
		<-- name of XSLT file within each directory of dirList -->

		<arg value="--xslName=translate.xsl"/>
		<-- ignore datestamps if true -->

		<arg value="--processAll=false"/>
		<-- can opt to report on what will happen with a false value -->

		<arg value="--enable=true"/>
		<-- directories from the tree top back to relative root -->

		<arg value="--startDepth=0"/>
		<-- xsl parms passed via comma-separated list of "name:val" entries -->

		<arg value="--xslParmList=revdate:${revdate},copyright:${copyright},relVersion:${version}"/>
		<-- flag to indicate to put contents in parent or in same directory -->

		<arg value="--contentsToParent=false"/>
		<-- where to add a list of group files in a contents file -->

		<arg value="--groupPlaceHolder=cc:files"/>
		<-- where to put generator information in contents file -->

		<arg value="--generatorNode=cc:generator"/>
		<-- where to find the group identifier in each file -->

		<arg value="--groupIdXpath=cc:cleanCodeDoc/cc:head/cc:group"/>

		<arg value="VERSION_DIAG=0x800"/>

		<arg value="INPUTOPTIONS_DIAG=0x400"/>

		<arg value="XMLTRANSFORM_A_DIAG=0x2"/>

		<arg value="XMLTRANSFORM_B_DIAG=0x4"/>

		<arg value="XMLTRANSFORM_C_DIAG=0x8"/>

		<arg value="XMLTRANSFORM_D_DIAG=0x10"/>

		<arg value="XMLTRANSFORM_E_DIAG=0x20"/>

		<arg value="XMLTRANSFORM_F_DIAG=0x40"/>

		<arg value="DIAG_LEVEL=0x002"/>

		<arg value="OUTPUT_DIAG=9"/>
		<-- log and stdout -->

		<arg value="OUTPUT_ERR=0xA"/>

		<-- log and stderr -->

	<echo>sql.doc complete.</echo>

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