CleanCode.GeneralComponents.Controls NamespaceCleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Custom user controls. This project contains an assortment of custom controls that provide powerful tools to augment your toolbox in Visual Studio. For a supplement to the MSDN documentation on user controls, see my articles on entitled Online.NET Building Blocks: Custom User Control Fundamentals and Online.NET Building Blocks: Custom User Controls in Practice.

Public classComboBoxWithTooltip
Represents a Windows combo box control with each item in the dropdown rendering a tooltip.
Public classFileMask
Provides a simple control to filter a directory by specifying one--or more--file masks displaying both the list of matching files and a count of matched files; it additionally allows customizing this generic control with additional arbitrary criteria.
Public classIdentifyingGroupBox
A OnlineGroupBox that can auto-populate its contents and identify its selected OnlineCheckBox or OnlineRadioButton members.
Public classProgressBarMessager
Enhances a standard OnlineProgressBar with progress messages that appear sequentially beneath the bar, to provide useful feedback during a lengthy operation.
Public classStyleAwareRichTextBox
Adds style-handling capabilities to a OnlineRichTextBox.

Public delegateFileMask RestrictionLambdaDelegate
Explicit delegate signature for RestrictionLambda property.