CleanCode.Forms NamespaceCleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Support for Windows OnlineForms.

Public classAbstractMsgManager
Abstract base class to manage Form messages.
Public classDataGridColumnAdder
This class provides support for adding one or more columns to a OnlineDataGridView control on a OnlineForm, and for duplicating a DataGridView.
Public classDataGridCutPasteHandler
Supports cut and paste operations in a OnlineDataGridView at the cell focus level rather than at the cell-input focus level.
Public classDataGridViewHelper
Helper methods for OnlineDataGridView controls.
Public classEventArg T 
A generic OnlineEventArgs derivative that allows creating different custom EventArgs without subclasses.
Public classFormExtensions
Extension methods for recursively building a collection of certain types of OnlineForm elements.
Public classMemoryGauge
Provides a convenient mechanism for displaying the amount of memory used by the current application on either a OnlineToolStripItem or a OnlineControl.
Public classMenuBuilder
Provides convenience methods for building a context menu.
Public classMessageBoxHelper
Common code for determining localized OnlineMessageBox options.
Public classRichTextBoxHelper
Convenience methods for stylizing text in a OnlineRichTextBox.
Public classSmartTipsManager
Manages a collection of SmartTips in conjunction with a dedicated SmartTips form.
Public classTaskbarFlasher
Support for flashing the taskbar icon to get the user's attention.
Public classTextBoxMsgManager
Enhances a OnlineTextBox used for message output.
Public classToolStripDropDownManager
Enhances a plain status label in a OnlineToolStrip to support history, include a time stamp, include a category, and differentiate errors and warnings.
Public classValidator
Validates form fields (OnlineTextBox or OnlineDataGridView controls) by attributes you define on them, manifesting with both an individual error indication and a disabling of a designated common form submittal (ok) button.
Public classWindowRestorer
Tracks a form's window state and position and enables an application to restore it upon subsequent invocations; provides enhanced support for maximizing across multiple monitors; enables locating subforms on the same monitor as a main form.

Public delegateAbstractMsgManager RefresherCopy
A delegate definition to allow updating the caller's Form.