CleanCode.Diagnostics NamespaceCleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Diagnostic support (leveraging System.Diagnostics).

Public classAlignedTextWriterTraceListener
Directs tracing or debugging output to a OnlineTextWriter or to a OnlineStream, formatted such that the message indents but all other attributes are always vertically aligned.
Public classEnumerableDebugger
Provides a Dump method in several flavors to examine intermediate values in a LINQ chain.
Public classStructuredTrace
Adds some extra features to old-style (pre-.NET 2.0) diagnostics.
Public classStructuredTraceSource
Provides a set of methods and properties that enable applications to trace the execution of code and associate trace messages with their source (.NET 2.0 and later).

Public interfaceITraceListenerIndenter
An interface for custom TraceListeners for making indentation global.