CleanCode.DatabaseControls NamespaceCleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
Custom user controls for database access.

Public classConnectionStringManager
Provides a plug-and-play compound user control that allows defining and testing connection strings to connect to a SQL Server, Oracle, or MySql database, or any data source that has ODBC connectivity.
Public classMultiConnectionStringManager
Provides the capability for a user to manipulate and test a set of database connection strings and associated details, leveraging the ConnectionStringManager control.
Public classQuery
This class is a container for details about a query, used exclusively by QueryPicker.
Public classQueryCollection
An empty class, needed only to give a name to a generic type instance to be used in a serialized file of Query objects.
Public classQueryPicker
Builds meta-queries from templates, dynamically generating a set of input fields for the place holders within a meta-query template, then letting the user enter values in any or all fields, and finally returning a finished meta-query.

Public enumerationConnectionStringManager AccessLevel
Specifies the exposure of each credential parameter.
Public enumerationConnectionStringManager DBTypes
Specifies the type of database.