CleanCode.DataGridViewControls NamespaceCleanCode C# Libraries v1.2.03 API
A custom user control that adds features to a DataGridView. This control builds upon the excellent base developed by Chris McGrath and discussed in his article OnlineExtending the DataGridView. I have noted in the code the additional enhancements I have made available through CleanCode.

Public classAbstractDataGridViewExporter
Provides support for exporting a DataGridView to Excel or to a CSV file.
Public classDataGridViewEnumColumn
A column type useful for enumerated text values.
Public classDataGridViewExporter
Provides support for exporting a DataGridView to Excel or to a CSV file.
Public classExtendedDataGridView
Provides added functionality to a DataGridView by keystroke and by context menu.
Public classPanelFilter
Provides a minimal panel to allow filtering of the underlying DataGridView.
Public classTestData
Provides test data to populate an ExtendedDataGridView.

Public structureFilterChangedData
Data passed in a FilterChanged event.
Public structureFitHeaderWidthChangedData
Data passed in a FitHeaderWidthChanged event.
Public structureRowTemplateHeightChangedData
Data passed in a RowTemplateHeightChanged event.

Public delegateFilterChangedEventHandler
Delegate for FilterChanged event.
Public delegateFitHeaderWidthChangedEventHandler
Delegate for FitHeaderWidthChanged event.
Public delegateRowTemplateHeightChangedEventHandler
Delegate for RowTemplateHeightChanged event.

Public enumerationExtendedDataGridView CsvExportChoice
Enumeration of choices for the CSV Export context menu display.